Sports Injuries

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Sports InjuriesIf you play sports for fun or are a professional athlete, the demands made on your feet and lower limbs can be tough and lead to a range of injuries, including sprained ankles, shin splints, knee pain, blisters, and more.

Your running style, footwear, and minor limb length difference can contribute to a sports injury and other common complaints such as Athlete’s foot, calluses, and corns.

After any sports injury, it’s important to visit a podiatrist to help treat your current foot or ankle pain while also providing you with helpful tips to prevent future sports injuries.

The Premier Difference

At Premier Foot & Ankle, our foot doctors can help any athlete achieve superior performance not only by treating ankle sprains and stress fractures, but also by working with you to improve your foot, leg, and spinal alignment. Symptoms include bruising, pain, swelling, and difficulty walking on the affected foot or ankle are most common with sprains and fractures.

We Work with All Athletes and Provide an Individualized Approach to Effective Training

Our foot doctors will carefully examine your feet and ankles by taking necessary measures and testing to determine the extent of your injury. Treatment will depend on your injury. However, the majority of injuries are associated with rest and immobilization that’s accommodated with special crutches or casts on the affected area.

Warming up with proper shoes prior to a physical activity can prevent numerous ankle sprains and fractures. You can even talk to our doctors to determine which shoes are best for your sport!

Sports Injuries Are Inevitable, and We’re Here to Help

We understand that sports injuries of the foot and ankle are inevitable if you’re an athlete. Even if you do the right things like stretching before and after your routines and being careful not to ramp up your exercise program too quickly after a winter break, there’s a good chance you’ll suffer a sports injury along the way – and we’re here to help!

Foot IconAt Premier Foot & Ankle, our foot doctors aim to treat sports foot and ankle injuries as quickly and efficiently as possible, helping athletes to recover and return to their usual activities quickly. To schedule an appointment in SE Michigan, contact us today at (586) 948-9417.

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